‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Teases Iconic Character in Post-Credits Scene

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie brings together various characters from Nintendo’s universe for their first big-screen adventure in decades. Not everyone makes it into the animated feature.. though the end credits tease the arrival of a beloved character. Perhaps, for the sequel?

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Two Credits Scenes:

In the mid-credits scene, Bowser’s voice actor, Jack Black, steals the show as he sings love songs about Peach. We revisit Bowser, who is imprisoned and shrunk down to size after eating a poisonous mushroom. He is left singing to himself until Peach’s guardsmen order him to be quiet.

The post-credits scene is where the real tease is.
After the credits roll, we’re taken back to the underground sewers where Mario and Luigi were transported to the Mushroom Kingdom. The protal’s explosion left some debris from the Kingdom… including a white dinosaur egg with green spots that’s about to hatch.

As a nod to Jurassic Park, the egg starts to hatch before the screen fades to black, and a voice says: “Yoshi!”
Yes indeed: the post-credits scene features Yoshi, hinting at a bigger role for the character in the sequel.



For the late ones:
Yoshi is a beloved character in the Nintendo universe, first introduced in the hit game Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo in 1990/1991. Yoshi is a green dinosaur – a mix between a T-rex and a raptor? – who originates from Yoshi’s Island (original name for a birth land). He’s known for being a loyal sidekick to Mario, allowing Mario to ride on his back to reach places he couldn’t on his own.

In Japanese, Yoshi’s name roughly translates to “good luck.” While there’s no official backstory about his name from creator Shigeru Miyamoto, it was revealed in Nintendo’s archives by author Blake J. Harris that Yoshi’s full name is “Yoshi T. Munchakoopas.”

Miyamoto actually wanted to include Yoshi as early as the first Super Mario Bros. game for the NES, but technical limitations prevented it. It wasn’t until the more powerful Super NES that Miyamoto was able to feature Yoshi in the blockbuster Super Mario sequel.

Yoshi is an iconic character among Nintendo fans, known for his cuteness and loyalty to Mario… despite the fact that Mario can sometimes abandon him mid-air.

The inclusion of Yoshi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 could mean that the sequel will be inspired by Super Mario World and take place in Dinosaur Land, where Mario learns to rely on Yoshi.

Of course, the appearance of Yoshi in the sequel will depend on whether enough fans go to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters.

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