Nostalgia: 5 Mythical Soundtracks From 2008 Games

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The year is 2008.

You boot up GTA IV for the first time. It is the advent of HD games. You are astonished by the new graphics. Then, you hear Soviet Connection for the first time. You don’t fully know yet, but you got into Niko Bellic’s skin.

A Nostalgia breath with 5 unforgettable soundtracks from 2008 games.

GTA IV – “Soviet Connection” · Michael Hunter

Gears of War 2 – “Hope Runs Deep” · Steve Jablonsky

Assassin’s Creed – “City of Jerusalem” · Jesper Kyd

Super Smash Brawl – “Main Theme” · Nobuo Uematsu

Fallout 3 – “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” · The Ink Spots

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