Hotline Miami: 3 Tracks to Destroy Your Eardrums to

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For the late ones:
Hotline Miami is a violent and stylized top-down shooter video game series developed by Dennaton Games. Set in an alternate version of Miami in the late 1980s, players take on the role of various antiheroes who are tasked with carrying out brutal assassination missions.

Dennaton Games

Intense gameplay. Neon-soaked visuals. Retro-inspired sound design.
Just these 3 aspects were enough to make the series a hit. Though there’s also the soundtrack.

Dennaton Games spent thousands of hours to find the perfect musical match for their unique gameplay and style. The result is a carefully curated soundtrack that complements the game in every aspect.

Turn on your best speaker. Connect your favorite headset. Turn the volume to a respectable level.
3 Hotline Miami tracks to destroy your eardrums to:

“Hydrogen” – M.O.O.N.

“In The Face Of Evil” – Magic Sword

“Divide (Miami Edit)” – Magna

The Hotline Miami series is a testament to the creativity and innovation of indie game development. If you haven’t tried it yet, and if you’re into shooter games: go for it.

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