Discover the Most Popular Games Played on Steam Deck in March

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Valve’s Steam Deck was one of the best gaming tech releases in 2022. Now, Valve has announced March’s top 20 games played, and some of the biggest releases have maintained their high positions.


Other companies are also interested in the mobile PC market, with the Asus ROG Ally and a rumoured portable system from Sony, but for now, the Steam Deck is ahead of the game, even giving the Nintendo Switch a run for its money.

In February, Hogwarts Legacy and Elden Ring were among the most played games on the Steam Deck. As more titles become compatible with the system, more people are likely to want to get their hands on the handheld. Now that March has passed, Valve has revealed the most popular games for that month. An image shared on Twitter shows the games that were played the most on the Steam Deck in March 2023. Although not much has changed since February, Resident Evil 4’s remake has made it to the list. It is possible that RE4 could climb up the ranks as more people play it on the Deck since it currently sits at number 20, with the list being in order of the number of hours played.

Several of the highest-rated games of 2023 have made the list, including Hogwarts Legacy and the indie GOTY Vampire Survivors. However, it’s surprising that Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush isn’t on the list, despite being Deck verified. The rhythm-based action game was a sleeper hit for Tango and publisher Bethesda, with the PC version receiving a score of 89 on Metacritic earlier this year. Perhaps the hype died down or it wasn’t marketed enough to appear on the Deck.

Valve has had a shaky history with hardware, but the Steam Deck has been a major success. With upcoming alternatives, Gabe Newell and his team must up their game to remain competitive in the mobile PC market.

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