Experience The Hunt On-The-Go With Monster Hunter Now

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The Pokémon GO formula didn’t work for every franchise. This is evident from the failure of games like Wizards Unite and The Witcher: Monster Slayer. However, some game publishers are still trying to emulate Pokémon GO’s success.

Niantic – Capcom

Capcom has teamed up with Niantic to bring its famous Monster Hunter franchise to mobile devices. The result is Monster Hunter Now, which allows players to hunt for big creatures in augmented reality.

Capcom and Niantic have created a new game that adapts the codes of Pokémon GO to the Monster Hunter universe. In Monster Hunter Now, players can hunt big creatures in augmented reality, right in their own neighbourhood. Get ready to resume the hunt!

You can pretend to be a real hunter and roam the streets of your city with your friends to kill monsters. To help with the investment required in Monster Hunter, Niantic has introduced the “Paintball” mechanic. It allows players to mark the encountered monsters and then face them later at home, or with friends when it’s more convenient. While not hunting, players can gather items and resources to progress their character by walking around the streets.

You can already pre-register now on the official website. Monster Hunter Now is set to release worldwide in September on iOS and Android devices.

A success is almost guaranteed in Japan as the franchise is very popular there.
However, to avoid server closures like other games in the same genre, it needs to convince players in the rest of the world as well.

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