First-Person Makes The Last of Us Brutally Amazing

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What if you could experience The Last of Us as a FPS? An upcoming mod will let you do just that.

Naughty Dog – Voyagers Revenge

The mod changes the game’s perspective to first-person, providing a new gaming experience. The Voyagers Revenge YouTube channel has showcased the mod’s teaser video, which reveals various encounters in custom difficulty settings.

The difficulty settings are at the hardest mode, grounded, but with plenty of ammo and resources. Upgraded weapons allow for aggressive gameplay, while HUD elements can be viewed, which would usually be unavailable in grounded mode.

The Last of Us Part 1 is a brutal game, showing a dark and gory world overrun by infected humans and ruthless survivors. Shifting the game to first person brings out its viciousness and brutality even more, providing a new level of immersion.

The first-person view also creates a more tense experience, as players can’t peek around corners and must face enemies up close. The environments are beautifully crafted, but the mod is still in development, and the gun movements are erratic at times. Still, this mod is the most impressive addition to the game that we’ve seen so far.

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