Genshin Impact: Update 3.6 is Now Available

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Genshin Impact’s latest update 3.6 introduces a new addition to the Sumeru region, taking us closer to the epic conclusion of this desert adventure. Expect new characters to summon, a new explorable area, and other exciting features.


Nahida and Nilou return with new companions. Following a slight letdown in version 3.5, the latest update brings us back to the conventional with a new area to explore and a weekly boss named Apep, the verdant dragon. Players will also face new monsters in this new area, accompanied by a new story centred around Nahida.

Speaking of Archon Dendro, a dedicated banner featuring her and Nilou has been released today. If you’re looking for new 5-star characters, you’ll have to wait three weeks to summon on Baizhu’s banner. However, a new 4-star character named Kaveh is available now.

In addition, various events are lined up in the upcoming weeks to reward players with primo-gems and other exciting rewards. We are eagerly waiting for information on Fontaine, the highly anticipated new area. Meanwhile, you can take a sneak peek at one of the new characters in version 3.7, Kirara, a cat lover’s delight.

Genshin Impact is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS and Android.

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