Get 3 Free Games Now and a Free Sims 4 DLC Bundle Next Week on Epic Games Store

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Every week, Epic Games Store treats us with free games that add up to our already-too-large game library. But since it’s free, why not indulge, especially when it comes to enjoyable experiences to discover.

The Sims 4, Jungle Adventure – Maxis

This week, they’re not giving away two games as usual, but three, and they promise a special offer for the following week that will please those who own The Sims 4.

You can get your hands on three games today via Epic Games Store, starting with Against All Odds, a game that requires you to complete extraordinary sports courses, with the possibility of playing with friends or creating your own challenges.

Horizon Chase Turbo is also free and offers a retro racing game experience, while Kao the Kangaroo is a platformer game reminiscent of the 2000s, with a feeling that genre fans will appreciate. You have until Thursday, May 11th, at 4:59 pm to claim these three games for your account.

The following week, instead of complete games, Epic will offer a Les Sims 4 bundle that includes the Jungle Adventure expansion pack, as well as the Luxury Party and Cool Kitchen Stuff packs.

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