Insider Hints at Development of New PlayStation Hardware

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Well… Sony is rumoured to be developing new PlayStation hardware. This “mystery hardware” would be expected before the PlayStation 5 Pro, which should come out relatively soon.


Back in November 2020, Sony launched the PlayStation 5 worldwide, just two days after Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Despite a global semiconductor shortage, the PS5 had a highly successful launch and has sold 30 million units as of February 2023. This surpasses the combined sales of the Xbox Series X and Series S by around 11.5 million. The upcoming PS5 Pro is anticipated to launch later this year or the next. Then again, a recent report suggests that Sony may reveal something new in the next few months.

On April 1, during his live stream, game journalist and industry insider Tom Henderson disclosed that Sony is developing a new hardware. At around 14 minutes and 50 seconds into the stream, he didn’t provide much detail but confirmed that it would release before the PlayStation 5 Pro and isn’t the said console.
Henderson further mentioned: “When this new hardware does get announced, it’s going to be very interesting to see what the competition thinks of it.”
He couldn’t give any more information other than stating that the new hardware hasn’t been reported on by other sources yet.

It’s uncertain what this upcoming PlayStation hardware could be, but some suggest it could be the PlayStation Vita 2 or another handheld system. Rumours of a new Sony handheld occasionally surface, and the latest one is from a post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit. The post alleges that employees at electronics manufacturer Asus are aware of Sony developing a new handheld console. If these rumours hold any truth, Sony could be aiming to compete with the Nintendo Switch and the recently launched Steam Deck.
Nonetheless.. one must be cautious of trusting information found on Reddit.

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