Joseph Staten jumps from Halo to Netflix Games

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When talking about the Halo franchise, one name stands out: Joseph Staten. He was in charge of the cinematics and storyline up until Halo 3: ODST, then joined Microsoft before being called back to help with Halo Infinite.

Netflix Games

Recently, we learned that he left 343 Industries to pursue other opportunities. This week, Joseph announced that he has joined Netflix Games as a Creative Director.

You read that right: Netflix is developing and publishing a high-budget game for consoles and PCs, creating a new franchise.

So far, the streaming giant has treaded cautiously in the gaming market, gradually adding games to its catalog, acquiring studios like Night School Studio (Oxenfree II: Lost Signals), Boss Fight Entertainment, and Next Games, while also building its own teams.

Last month, the company announced that it had released 55 games since late 2021 and has more than 70 titles in the pipeline, with 40 planned for 2023 alone.

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