New Diablo IV Beta Coming Soon: Surprise Announcement

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Blizzard hinted at a possible bonus beta, but fans were sceptical. However, since the game has gone gold and is set to be released in June, the publisher can afford some surprises in its schedule.

Blizzard Entertainment

In its latest livestream on the game, it confirmed that it would indeed be possible to play Diablo IV a month before its official release.

To ensure that the servers can handle the launch, even though the license’s history makes it a bit hard to believe, Blizzard will organize a final beta weekend. Therefore, you can play without any conditions from May 12 (from 9 PM) to May 14 (until 9 PM) on all platforms.

The content of this beta will be identical to that of the first test weekends, with the entire prologue and Act I, while crossplay and shared progression will be enabled to truly test the servers.

Nothing new on the horizon, but if you play this beta and defeat Ashava, the world boss of this beta, during this weekend, you will receive a unique reward in the final game, namely Ashava’s Sobbing Mount trophy.

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