New Valheim Update May Feature Vehicle Mechanics

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Valheim’s lead developer has shared a new update showcasing mechanical parts that could potentially be used for vehicles in the Viking survival game.

Iron Gate Studio

The lead artist has also teased some exciting additions to the game. We notably see gears and wheels that could potentially be used for drawbridges or other system… in a future update?

The artist shared an image on Twitter, mentioning the official Valheim account and hinting at a possible implementation of the features. The image includes a high-spec version of the Valheim cart, reinforced wooden beams, spoked wheels, and a Valheim Obliterator on top.

The potential uses of the mechanical components shared in the Valheim update are not clear, but it’s possible they could be used to create a powered vehicle that runs on coal. The inclusion of the Valheim Obliterator tool implies this possibility. Eyre hinted at a “fueled version” of the prototype being up and running in response to a query.

Players are excited about the potential for mechanical tools in their builds, with suggestions for a drawbridge and even a bicycle. However, it’s all just speculation at this point. Still, sharing these designs on Twitter has generated a lot of buzz among the community.

We can expect to see some form of these new components in the game in the future.

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