Perhaps the Most Amazing CS:GO Clutch

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A new remarkable CS:GO moment has emerged.


A player has survived an intense 4-v-1 situation in a recent game, all thanks to the bomb. Dot Esports reported the incident that took place during the final moments of a match recorded by Reddit user Few_Willingness_3700.

Willingness was the only player left from his Counter-Terrorist team, and he was hiding in a corner on B site Inferno. He waited patiently until three of the four terrorists approached him without realizing his presence.

Willingness managed to take down the bomb carrier and, despite being targeted by terrorist Phoenixkay’s AWP, the shot was blocked by the bomb as it fell off the carrier’s back. The CTs were able to secure the victory, winning the match 16 rounds to 14.

Willingness wastes no time in taking advantage of the situation. He quickly eliminates both Phoenixkay and a third terrorist standing beside him. After that, he picks up an AK47 from the ground and hunts down the last remaining player, emerging victorious and leading the Counter Terrorists to a 16 rounds to 14 victory. To add to the drama, Willingness wins the round with just one point of health remaining.

As fellow redditor PsychoMUCH put it, “bro used his entire life’s luck in one match.” This remarkable moment exemplifies what makes Counter-Strike such an enduring phenomenon. Few things are more satisfying than seeing a game’s systems firing on all cylinders, and Counter-Strike’s ability to register an interaction like this so precisely is incredibly cool.

Let’s not forget Counter-Strike 2, and whether it will iterate on the game’s hyper-precise gunplay. We already know it will have volumetric smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails with realistic fluid simulation.

Here’s to hoping for more moments like this one.

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