Sega’s Latest Move: Acquires Angry Birds Creator Rovio

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Sega is acquiring Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds.

Sega will pay €9.25 per share, totaling €706 million. The deal will most likely be completed in the third quarter of 2023. The CEO of Rovio expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that they will help Sega develop mobile and multi-platform games based on Sega’s series while also creating synergies between the two companies.

For almost a decade now, SEGA has been targeting mobile gamers.
This strategy includes games solely dedicated to this platform, such as Sonic Dash, as well as cross-platform titles like Sonic Forces and Sonic Racing, and a variety of remastered games.

On the other hand, Rovio rolled out Angry Birds. With its first flight in 2009, the game was a pioneer in mobile gaming success. Over time, it has spawned many different spin-offs, a TV series, and even a movie – much like SEGA’s famous hedgehog.

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