The Best Zombie Game is Free… Until Tomorrow

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Looking for an exceptional zombie game? Look no further than Dying Light.


This 2015 release is often overlooked, but its unique parkour movement system sets it apart from other titles like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil 4. And right now, you can snag the Dying Light Enhanced Edition for free on the Epic Games Store until… tomorrow, April 13, 2023. Act fast.

In Dying Light, you play as Kyle Crane, fighting for survival against hordes of infected in the open-world city of Harran. With RPG elements woven into the gameplay, the innovative parkour mechanics really steal the show.

Unmatched Parkour

Much like Mirror’s Edge, Dying Light allows you to free-run across rooftops with ease, which feels immensely satisfying, especially after you gain access to better skills that improve your traversal abilities.


Unlike other zombie games that prioritize combat, Dying Light encourages you to flee, especially at night when the hordes become more dangerous. This fresh approach lets you play as you wish: you can either confront the zombies head-on, or escape without a fight.

Unmatched Gameplay

In contrast to other games, Dying Light doesn’t rely on guns. Instead, you have an array of melee weapons like axes and hammers that you can scavenge throughout the world. This forces you to engage in close-range combat with your enemies, adding a level of risk and reward.


When fighting enemies, each hit with your weapon packs a punch, giving a feeling of satisfaction. Boss battles have weight, and the creature designs are genuinely horrifying, making each encounter feel intense and challenging.

Dying Light is a game that excels in every aspect, but it doesn’t receive enough recognition. Maybe its high-profile status as a free game is just what it needs to gain the attention it deserves?

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