There’s Now a Dead Island 2 Life Insurance Policy. You Read That Well.

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UK-based insurance company Dead Happy has launched a Dead Island 2 life insurance policy, offering a zombie-themed wake and trip to Los Angeles for £8,000.

Deep Silver

The policy covers the costs of the funeral and the bereaved friends’ trip to LA, where they will participate in a party filled with zombie cocktails, in honour of the deceased.

The company states that they encourage people to “die responsibly,” hence the inclusion of funeral expenses in the policy. Dead Happy also clarified that they cannot compel anyone to attend the event and that this package, like all others they offer, is only a wish.

The Deathwishes series is one of the company’s more unique offerings. Customers can choose from various options, such as leaving money for a charity or paying off debts. Other, quirkier options include having a bronze statue of oneself made or sending ashes to space.

The Dead Island 2 package, however, is one of the more unusual offerings in the company’s range. The policy’s description on the company’s website reads, “Send your mates to the real LA for a zombie cocktail fuelled party before it goes to hell. A wake to end all wakes, in your honour.”

Will you make it your deathwish?

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