Well, You Can Now Play as Eren in Fortnite

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Epic Games has turned its attention from the world of superheroes onto collaborations between Fortnite and popular manga. First it was with My Hero Academia. Now it’s time to Sasageyo.

Epic Games

The latest update – version 24.20 – for Fortnite is now available and features three new Attack on Titan skins to unlock. Additionally, the update includes the 3D maneuver gear and thunder spears from Hajime Isayama’s famous manga.

A recent trailer provides a sneak peek of the gameplay for the 3D maneuver gear, which allows you to move quickly in the air and attack your enemies as if they were titans to be taken down:

You can unlock Eren Jäger’s outfit in the battle pass, but you will need to visit the item shop to get your hands on Mikasa and Levi’s skins. Multiple battalion capes are also available, and each character will have their own back accessory.

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