5 legendary OSTs from 2010 Games

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The year is 2010.

You get home, turn on the Xbox 360. You launch Halo: Reach for the first time. Then, you ear the menu’s OST. You pay attention. There is this “Wow” effect. You’re sensitised to the visuals, to the atmosphere. You’re ready to play Noble 6.

Perhaps, you turn on the PS3. As you hear Rage of Sparta for the first time, you channel your inner warrior into Kratos.

A quick Nostalgia trip with 5 legendary OSTs from 2010s Games:

Halo: Reach – “Overture” Martin O’Donnell · Michael Salvatori

God of War III – “Rage of Sparta” · Gerard Marino

Mass Effect 2 – “The Illusive Man” · Jack Wall

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – “The Brotherhood Escapes” · Jesper Kyd

Bayonetta – “Fly Me to the Moon (∞ Climax Mix)” · Melody Sentai Harmonyranger

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